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Personal Integration Sessions

Past Life Regression Online Sessions by Gopal Maheshwari, Best Past Life Regression Therapist 

  • Experience the exclusivity of the first-ever online Past Life Regression Healing Session.
  • Understand and release emotions & energy related to relationships, health, and financial blockages.
  • Reasonably priced as compared to the market.
  • Includes Pre-Session, Preparatory Sessions & Past Life Regression Session.
  • Latest Techniques for PLR: Inner Child Healing, Age & Womb Regression, Healing at the Subconscious level, Afterlife Healing.

Metaphysical Study Courses

Past Life Regression International Certification Course

  • How Our Training Differs From Others
  • Separate Batches for English & Hindi
  • 100% Experiential Training Based on Your Own PLR Session
  • International Certification Accredited by IAOTH, UK
  • Upon Completion, You Will Become a Member of the International Association of Therapists, UK
  • Profile Listing in the IAOTH Online Directory
  • Feel Proud to Showcase the IAOTH Accreditation Logo on Your Website and WhatsApp DP

Services by Gopal Maheshwari, Best Past Life Regression Therapist:

Online Past Life Regression, The AfterLife Regression & Past Life Regression Certification Course


Discover the transformative power of an Online Past Life Regression Session with Gopal Maheshwari, recognized as the “Best Past Life Regression Therapist.”

Delve deep into your past lives, unlocking hidden memories and understanding karmic bonds. Gain insights that connect with your present self in a safe and nurturing setting.

With Gopal Maheshwari’s holistic expertise, address unresolved issues and promote karma healing. Experience profound personal growth with Past Life Regression Online, all from the comfort of your home.

Dive into the mysteries of the soul with Life Between Lives Regression and uncover insights into the journey between incarnations.

Explore The Afterlife Realm, understand your soul’s purpose, and connect to past lives. Gopal Maheshwari offers a safe and enlightening experience, revealing the wisdom found in the spaces between lives.

Experience this transformative session and gain a deeper understanding of existence’s continuum with Life Between Lives Regression.

Dive deep into the world of self-discovery with the Past Life Regression Certification Course, expertly curated by Gopal Maheshwari, the “Best Past Life Regression Therapist & Trainer.”

This comprehensive Past Life Regression training lets you explore the impact of past lives on the present. Under Gopal Maheshwari’s seasoned guidance, master the art of regression, understand its principles, and harness karma healing.

Equip yourself with transformative techniques and offer insightful experiences to others. If you’re an aspiring therapist, then this Past Life Regression course will empower you to excel as a skilled practitioner, certified by International Association Of Therapists, UK.

Google Reviews for Past Life Regression Session & Training by Gopal Maheshwari

Shivani Raina
Shivani Raina
I had a wonderful healing session with Gopalji.
sachin swamy
sachin swamy
So i am writing this today as i complete my Past Life regression Training with Gopal JI. I was very confused when i first time interacted with Gopal Ji. I was going through some emotional trauma and was not sure of sharing it with a stranger. however Gopal Ji with complete patience heard me out inspite i know i was repeating the same thing again and again but he kept his calm. I had lost confidence in my life and like its said, jab koi nahi hota to bhagwan aapko rasta dikha dete hain. Thats exactly when i met Gopal Ji . He introduced me to Heartfullness which gave a new vision towards my life. I hence forth wanted to know more and asked Gopal Ji to teach my Past life regression. no words can justify my heavenly experience . Now just getting prepared for training for life between lives.. need your blessings everyone.
Bhumika Sontra
Bhumika Sontra
They helped me cure my past life trauma and made into such a beautiful experience.
Manu Sahani
Manu Sahani
Past life regression therapy changed my perception towards life in a positive way.
Pallavi Sharma
Pallavi Sharma
“Heartnest offered to be the best guidance I could get for Past life regression”
sajaan Roy
sajaan Roy
“My Past life experiences were so much enriching and made me believe in myself more” all because of Heartnest.
Sumit Badhan
Sumit Badhan
Past life regression therapy made me understand and helped to control my anger which was being a huge burden in my life. Thankyou to heartnest.
Ashish Thakur
Ashish Thakur
I was constantly feeling that I am scared of heights but With past life regression Therapy,I came to know it was my past life experience that was making me incapable of enjoying the serenity of mountains. Now I can travel anywhere without any fear.
karan singh
karan singh
I was constantly feeling that I am scared of heights but With past life regression Therapy,I came to know it was my past life experience that was making me incapable of enjoying the serenity of mountains. Now I can travel anywhere without any fear.
Aryaman Sharma
Aryaman Sharma
Past life regression therapy helps me to learn past mistake and in future how i make my life simple and easier to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Video Testimonials for Mr. Gopal Maheshwari: Best Past Life Regression Trainer

Dhanyaa Varma

Past Life Regression Therapist Cum Reiki Master

Native: Thrissur, Kerela
Current Location: Hyderabad
Languages: English, Hindi & Malayalam

N. Nalini Vasant

Past Life Regression Therapist, Pranic Healer Cum Heartfulness Trainer

Native:Chennai, Tamil Nādu
Current Location: Chennai
Languages: English & Tamil

Moola Sreenivas

Past Life Regression Therapist, Akashic Session & Entity Clearance

Native: Ammalapuram East Godavari
Current Location: Hyderabad
Languages: English, Hindi & Telugu

Gabriela Testa

Past Life Regression Therapist & Heartfulness Practitioner

Native: Caracas, Venezuela
Languages:Spanish, English
Current Location: A Coruña, Spain

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Past Life Regression Online Certification Course in Hindi from Comfort of your home by Gopal Maheshwari

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Online Past Life Regression Session: How effective is it- by Gopal Maheshwari

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