In Past Life Regression, we help clients explore their subconscious mind to uncover memories and emotions from previous lives. These memories are believed to have a connection to their current life challenges. By relaxing the conscious mind, we allow the subconscious to show important moments from specific past lives.

The subconscious mind is powerful and intelligent.It guides us to specific life experiences that hold the key to understanding why certain things are happening in this life. As therapists, we assist clients in releasing negative emotions and energy from those past lives at a soul level. This process helps untangle the knots in their current life.

For me, past life regression goes beyond therapy and is more of a spiritual science. While it can help with understanding and healing relationship dynamics, health issues, or financial matters, it is rooted in the concept of Karma. I see it as a metaphysical approach rather than traditional psychotherapy.

Releasing emotional or karmic baggage from past lives is not easy. It requires a strong spiritual background and the guidance of a highly evolved spiritual master for the therapist. With their inner guidance, we work with energy and emotional blockages, access the subconscious state in past life regression, explore the super conscious state in life between lives soul regression, and seek wisdom from spirit guides to understand the karmic lessons of this life. Then, we help clients release the same and understand the lessons of their life.


  • Past Life Regression therapy allows a person to access past life memories to experience feelings, traumas, and sentiments from a previous lifetime.
  • The therapy works with the body, mind, emotions, and soul and is done for various reasons, including unraveling trauma that contributes to current diseases, anxiety, or relationship problems.
  • The therapy brings the client’s unconscious or forgotten memories to a conscious level in a trance state, positively changing people’s perspectives, relieving their thoughts and processes, and alleviating deep-seated physical and emotional pain.
  • The therapist does not tell the client about their past life; rather, they question the client during the session,
    resulting in the client discovering memories relevant to their current situation.
  • Clients are in full control of the session, and the therapy has a high success rate.
  • Past Life Regression therapy can improve relationships, overcome fears and phobias, improve
    health and finances, and help individuals unburden themselves from the weight of the past.
  • The therapy gives individuals a sense of clarity and helps them look for karmic and emotional
    baggage from past or present life.
  • The therapy is performed only by trained professionals with Past Life Regression certification
    and experience, and there are misconceptions about its safety.


  • At HeartNest, Gopal Maheshwari, a certified therapist by IPHM, UK, uses skilled techniques like Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Age & Womb Regression to put the client into a trance and access their subconscious to see their past lives and find answers related to their intentions for PLR.
  • The most important feature of the PLR sessions at HeartNest is the “Healing Of The Soul,” & “The Afterlife Regression” where negative energies, emotional baggage, previous curses, grief, and pessimistic beliefs are relieved.
  • This leads to emotional balance in the present life, gives realisation why are these issues happening in this current life and can provide harmony in relationships.
  • Once the root cause of the problem impacting the person is found, they seek forgiveness, forgive others, and learn life’s lessons to heal their souls and free them from troubling situations.


  • Experience the exclusivity of the 1st ever online PLR session of India
  • Saves huge traveling cost.
  • Recipient feels safe at his / her own place.
  • Sessions are recorded, so that recipient can watch it again for better understanding.
  • Since sessions are done online, it can be done in late evenings, at a convenient time, recipient doesn’t have to apply for a leave.
  • Select best Past Life Regression Therapist from all over the Globe.