Past Life Regression
Workshop: Level 3

Duration: 75 hours. (Including live classes, Practical sessions, & Handholding classes.)

Past life Regression integrated with Self Hypnosis techniques

  1. We make client see their own past lives, which adds more authenticity than having a therapist read someone else’s past for them.
  2. Take your client to Past Lives to discover the root cause of their present-day problems with Age & Womb Regression.
  3. Heal trauma from past lives and expel negative emotions at soul level that are wreaking havoc in the present.
  4. UK based certification to practise past-life regression therapy.
  5. We guarantee income from day 01 when you start career as therapist
  6. With our latest techniques perform past-life regression via a zoom call, opens global market for you.
  7. 100% experiential-based training on your own Past life Regression session

Three important tips while selecting your Trainer:

  • Will your PLR session be done during the course by the Trainer
  • Will you be taught conducting PLR session Online via Zoom?
  • Will your trainer extend the classes if you are not confident enough to conduct
    PLR Sessions?


For PLR Level 3 Professional Course certificate is recognised by the IAOTH, UK
(The International Association Of Therapists) copy of the certificate will be sent by courier or email.

Past Life Regression
(Advanced Level)

The Afterlife (Light Between Lives)

Topics Covered –
1.Take clients through a complete Between Lives
Regression (LBL) session.
2.Conduct client interviews, give pre-talks and deal
with FAQs.
3.Use inductions, deepeners & regression to past life death to enter LBL.
4.Meet Spirit Guides for a life review, including individual karma.
5.Access Soul Groups to review lives, body choices and interactive
6.Access the Soul Council to resolve issues through spiritual lessons.
7.Relate cases studies to your clients, and gain confidence to do LBL.

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Not able to Succeed in conducting PLR session even after your previous trainings!
क्या आप पूर्व PLR ट्रेनिं ग के बा द भी सेशन लेने में सफल नहीं हो पा रहे हैं ?

Join HeartNest, we assure you to fulfill your
dream of becoming PLR therapist

With our latest techniques, learn to conduct successful PLR sessions over zoom call.
हमारी लेटेस्ट टेक्निक्स के साथ, सीखें कैसे ज़ूम कॉल पर एक सफल PLR सेशन किया जा सकता है I

Gopal Maheshwari, PLR Trainer,
Certified by IPHM, UK/p>

– Free PLR Session During The Training
– Separate Batches For English & Hindi
– 100% Experiential Training
– Live Session Exchange With Batchmates
– No Prerequisite to learn PLR