The therapy immerses an individual completely in the process as it works with body, mind, emotions, and soul and is done for various reasons like unraveling the trauma giving reason to current diseases, troubles in relationships, unwarranted anxiety, or even bringing one’s gifted abilities to this life among other things as it is believed that memories or even traumas from a past life affect us in the present life. The problem might occur in a form of strained relationships with others or as an internal struggle.

Past life hypnosis therapy session is done in a manner that during the session it brings the client’s unconscious memories of the mind to a conscious level in a trance state. This process has been shown to change people’s perspectives positively and find the source of their troubles, relieving their thoughts and processes, and alleviating deep-seated physical and emotional pain which could be in a form of a past or present state.


Past life regression therapy has a high success rate because the therapist doesn’t tell you about your past life rather they question you back and forth in the story that you are experiencing during the session which results in you finding out the memories, relevant to your current situation. It is you who tell the story or particular situations from the past and feel more empowered as the results come through. You are in full control of the session. A lot of clients are successful in their first session extending from 3-4 hours, others may require a few more sessions to complete their healing process. 

With past life regression therapy, you can build on your failing relationships, overcome fears and phobias, improve your health and money situation, and unburden the weight of the past resulting in growth and development, etc. The therapy gives you a sense of clarity and helps you look for karmic and emotional baggage from the past life or present life. 

There is a huge misconception about the safety of past life regression therapy. You have to understand that the therapy is performed only by trained people with past life regression certification & experience. 

During the PLR session, through our techniques, the person prays to the spirit guides and Masters or whoever they believe in to be present during the session to help them with their healing. With Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, the certified therapists and Master’s help connect to memories that are relevant to the current life situation. Once they find the deep cause of the problem impacting them, they seek forgiveness or forgive others and learn life’s lessons, which help them heal their souls freeing them from troubling situations.


Although it is important to remember that results vary from person to person. Some people come out very happy and light-hearted after the session. For others, it can be a great realization with a lot of emotional discharge. However, the responses are normal and do not affect memory in any negative way.

Past life regression therapy emphasizes the idea that a person can go back in time to access past life memories to know and experience the sentiments, feeling, and traumas, potentially from a previous lifetime.