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Get ready for a journey of personal growth and healing through our Past Life Regression Online Course.

Led by the Mr. Gopal Maheshwari, One of the Best Past Life Regression Therapist & Trainer, this course opens doors to becoming a certified past life regression therapist.

Enroll now to kickstart a rewarding career that combines spiritual exploration with holistic healing.

Advantages of
Past Life Regression Online Course
``Face to Face``
Past Life Regression Training Course

Opting for an Past Life Regression Online Course brings numerous benefits.

Our online course allows us ample time to effectively teach the curriculum. In comparison, traditional face-to-face Past Life Regression courses often squeeze content into just 3 or 4 days, regardless of student comprehension.

Online learning offers a different approach – we conduct live classes and provide recordings for thorough review and note-taking. We value the importance of understanding profound spiritual knowledge, granting a dedicated 3-4 days for assimilation

Our course structure includes a dedicated session for addressing any doubts that may arise, followed by practical classes. This comprehensive approach spans around 30 days, ensuring students’ confidence through ample practice on batchmates, friends, and relatives.

With flexible timings, there’s no need to take time off from your professional commitments. You’ll save on travel expenses and accommodation cost, ultimately reducing the overall course fees.

. Most notably, you’ll gain the essential skill of conducting past life regression online via Zoom calls. This global approach expands your reach, opening doors to a broader market.

Gopal Maheshwari conducts the Past Life Regression Course in both English and Hindi. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to practice online Past Life Regression sessions with your batchmates, boosting your confidence in offering online sessions.

PLR Course for the students for Professional Impact:
Highlight Your Expertise with IAOTH, UK Accredited Logo

As you progress through our Past Life Regression Certification Course, you’ll earn a certification accredited by IAOTH, UK. This accreditation is accepted worldwide, showcasing your expertise.

Display the IAOTH, UK logo on your WhatsApp DP and website, solidifying your international recognition in past life regression. This logo showcases your expertise and trustworthiness, demonstrating your commitment to excellence in past life regression therapy.

Your Past Life Regression Training Journey from Learning to Certification

Begin a transformative journey that guides you from learning to certification. Our Past Life Regression Online course is meticulously designed to offer comprehensive knowledge and practical experience.

Once you complete the course, your name & profile will be added to the esteemed IAOTH, UK directory, with your Videos and images and you can utilize this web link on your website and social media profiles.

This directory showcases your accomplishments and serves as a valuable resource for those seeking your services as a past life regression therapist.

Mastering Techniques for Past Life Regression

Essential Techniques for Deep Healing through Past-Life Regression Therapy Online Certification Course

Our Past-Life Regression Therapy Online Certification Course focuses on essential techniques that drive deep healing through Online PLR Sessions.

Learn how to guide individuals through genuine past life explorations, helping them uncover insights that contribute to their overall well-being.

Just showing Past Lives doesn’t solve the purpose, we teach our students how to do powerful Healing during the session to resolve current life issues

Regression Therapy Training:
Exploring Age & Womb Regression through Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

Explore the impactful techniques of Age and Womb regression through Transpersonal Hypnotherapy during Regression Therapy Training. Implementing “Inner Child Healing” during Age Regression aids in healing current life trauma.

Gain expertise in guiding individuals back to the origins of their experiences, uncovering insights that contribute to their present-day challenges and opportunities.

We will teach you how to conduct a comprehensive online PLR Session using the latest techniques.

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy Training:
Healing Trauma and Emotions Across Lifetimes

Learn to facilitate the healing of trauma and negative emotions carried across lifetimes.

As a certified past life regression therapist, you’ll be equipped to help individuals release emotional burdens affecting their current lives in a Past Life Healing Session.

The Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy Training is a comprehensive package that will enable you to integrate your existing healing techniques, if any, with our online PLR healing techniques.

Hypnosis past life regression training: Guaranteed Income and Global Reach with Zoom-based Sessions

After our Hypnosis past life regression training, you’ll have the advantage of conducting sessions globally through Zoom Video call. This ensures a wider client base and guarantees income from day one of your career.

Experience our unique experiential training approach firsthand by undergoing your own past life regression session during the course.

This immersive experience offers insights into the process and helps you connect with the journey your future clients will experience.

Delve Deep with Your Own Past Life Regression Session during Past life Regression Online Course by Gopal Maheshwari

Meet Your Guide: Gopal Maheshwari
Best Past Life Regression Therapist and Trainer
Your Path to Personal Transformation

Meet Gopal Maheshwari, a trusted expert in the realm of  Past Life Regression & MetaPhysical Courses.

With Trainers certification from the International Association Of Therapists (IAOTH), UK and being a Heartfulness Trainer, he embodies authenticity and credibility in his spiritual practice and teachings.

Elevate your skills and career potential under his guidance. If you’re in search of “Past Life Regression Training Near Me,” connect with Gopal to explore How Past Life Regression Online Certification can revolutionize your journey.

Discover the numerous advantages of live online classes, offering a superior alternative to the traditional “Face to Face Past Life Regression Training Course.

Embrace the benefits of attending vibrant live sessions for an enhanced “Online Past Life Regression Training” experience. He has been chosen as the “Best Tutor” for Past Life Regression Training on the Online Training Platform: UrbanPro.com

Gopal Maheshwari is a certified Past Life Regression Therapist & Trainer from International Association of Therapists (IAOTH), UK.

Fees for the Past Life Regression Course

Our Past Life Regression Training Fees are set at just one-third of what other prominent trainers across the country typically charge. We firmly believe in the importance of making training affordable without compromising on its quality.

Our core mission is to empower individuals with the necessary skills to become effective therapists. By keeping our training costs accessible, our aim is to ensure a sufficient number of therapists are equipped to meet the growing global demand.

The complete Past Life Regression course fees is INR 35,000/-. Unlike some trainers who might initially offer a lower fee and later try to upsell an advanced course, we provide comprehensive training from start to finish.

We guide you through all the techniques necessary to lead a client into a trance state and facilitate the entire healing process, with International certification accredited to International Association of Therapists, where your profile with your images, videos & testimonials will be showcased as an IAOTH accredited PLR Therapist.

Curious About How To Verify The Authenticity Of Your Chosen Past Life Regression Trainer?

Often, people search for terms like “Past Life Regression Near Me” or “Past Life Regression Training in Mumbai” or “Past Life Regression Training in Delhi.”

But why restrict yourself to trainers within your vicinity?

It’s essential to recognize that you’re not confined to local options. Skilled Past Life Regression Trainers and Therapists are available globally.

Take the time to find the one that best suits you. To ensure your money is well spent, it’s crucial to verify your trainer’s credentials and their familiarity with the latest techniques. Also, confirm their ability to conduct past life regression sessions online using platforms like Zoom.

To evaluate your trainer’s capabilities, consider scheduling an online session before committing to the full training. If you find the session satisfactory, you can proceed with the training. You might even negotiate a reduction in the course fee based on the payment you made for the initial session. This method empowers you to gauge your trainer’s skills and authenticity before making a financial commitment.

Google Reviews for Past Life Regression Session & Training by Gopal Maheshwari

Shivani Raina
Shivani Raina
I had a wonderful healing session with Gopalji.
sachin swamy
sachin swamy
So i am writing this today as i complete my Past Life regression Training with Gopal JI. I was very confused when i first time interacted with Gopal Ji. I was going through some emotional trauma and was not sure of sharing it with a stranger. however Gopal Ji with complete patience heard me out inspite i know i was repeating the same thing again and again but he kept his calm. I had lost confidence in my life and like its said, jab koi nahi hota to bhagwan aapko rasta dikha dete hain. Thats exactly when i met Gopal Ji . He introduced me to Heartfullness which gave a new vision towards my life. I hence forth wanted to know more and asked Gopal Ji to teach my Past life regression. no words can justify my heavenly experience . Now just getting prepared for training for life between lives.. need your blessings everyone.
Bhumika Sontra
Bhumika Sontra
They helped me cure my past life trauma and made into such a beautiful experience.
Manu Sahani
Manu Sahani
Past life regression therapy changed my perception towards life in a positive way.
Pallavi Sharma
Pallavi Sharma
“Heartnest offered to be the best guidance I could get for Past life regression”
sajaan Roy
sajaan Roy
“My Past life experiences were so much enriching and made me believe in myself more” all because of Heartnest.
Sumit Badhan
Sumit Badhan
Past life regression therapy made me understand and helped to control my anger which was being a huge burden in my life. Thankyou to heartnest.
Ashish Thakur
Ashish Thakur
I was constantly feeling that I am scared of heights but With past life regression Therapy,I came to know it was my past life experience that was making me incapable of enjoying the serenity of mountains. Now I can travel anywhere without any fear.
karan singh
karan singh
I was constantly feeling that I am scared of heights but With past life regression Therapy,I came to know it was my past life experience that was making me incapable of enjoying the serenity of mountains. Now I can travel anywhere without any fear.
Aryaman Sharma
Aryaman Sharma
Past life regression therapy helps me to learn past mistake and in future how i make my life simple and easier to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Video Testimonials for Mr. Gopal Maheshwari: Best Past Life Regression Trainer

Dhanyaa Varma

Past Life Regression Therapist Cum Reiki Master

Native: Thrissur, Kerela
Current Location: Hyderabad
Languages: English, Hindi & Malayalam

N. Nalini Vasant

Past Life Regression Therapist, Pranic Healer Cum Heartfulness Trainer

Native:Chennai, Tamil Nādu
Current Location: Chennai
Languages: English & Tamil

Moola Sreenivas

Past Life Regression Therapist, Akashic Session & Entity Clearance

Native: Ammalapuram East Godavari
Current Location: Hyderabad
Languages: English, Hindi & Telugu

Gabriela Testa

Past Life Regression Therapist & Heartfulness Practitioner

Native: Caracas, Venezuela
Languages:Spanish, English
Current Location: A Coruña, Spain

Video Gallery: Past Life Regression Online Session: by Gopal Maheshwari

Past Life Regression Training: How effective is when done online by Gopal Maheshwari :

Past Life Regression Online Course in Hindi from Comfort of your home by Gopal Maheshwari

पास्ट लाइफ रिग्रेशन ऑनलाइन कितना असरदार होता है ? Past Life Regression Online, is it effective?