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What is the Cost of Online Past Life Regression?

Cost Of Past Life Regression Session:

Unlocking the Insights of Your Past Lives- Past Life Regression Fees: Curious about the investment required for a Past Life Regression session? Our Successful Online Past Life Regression fees range between INR 4,000 to 7,500/- ($50 to $95), varying based on the inclusion of Pre-Session, Inner Child Healing and Preparatory Sessions. We believe in making this transformative experience accessible, ensuring you engage in this enlightening journey without financial constraints. Discover the profound Past Life Healing insights in your past life Regression Online Session without breaking the bank.

Is it Possible to Do a Past Life Regression Session Online?
Is Distant Healing Possible?

Discover the Power of Online Past Life Regression Session

Experience the effectiveness of online past life regression sessions with Gopal Maheshwari, equivalent to in-person session. This therapy follows a no-touch approach, rendering the physical distance inconsequential—whether you’re a mere 2 feet or an entire 2000 miles away from the therapist. As long as you possess a stable internet connection, utilize a quality headset with a microphone, and find a serene environment to immerse yourself in a uninterrupted three-hour online session, you can embrace the therapy’s transformative benefits from the sanctuary of your home

What are the stages of regression therapy?

What is the process of Past Life Regression Online Session

Embark on a personalized journey of past life regression with Past Life Regression Trainer Mr. Gopal Maheshwari as your guide. This transformative experience is designed to offer you insights, healing, and self-discovery as you delve into the depths of your past lives. Each step of the process is carefully tailored to ensure your comfort and understanding.

1. Initial Consultation: Begin your journey with a 15-minute Zoom call where you converse with Mr. Gopal about your intentions, objectives, and specific concerns regarding past life regression. This crucial conversation establishes a foundation of trust and understanding, paving the way for a meaningful therapeutic relationship.

2. Past Life Regression_ Pre-session: Mr. Gopal equips you with the necessary mental and emotional readiness for your session. He imparts relaxation techniques and Guided Meditations, accompanied by YouTube links, to assist you in attaining a receptive state of mind.

3. Past Life Regression Online Session: At the designated time, connect with Mr. Gopal online through Zoom. He expertly leads you into a state of deep relaxation using visualization, Relaxation, Age & Womb Regression.

4. Facilitation and Discovery: Mr. Gopal adeptly facilitates your exploration of past life memories by posing open-ended questions. You share your vivid experiences, emotions, and physical sensations associated with those past lives. This immersive retelling aids in gaining a deeper understanding of your past.

5. Past Life Healing: Throughout the session, Mr. Gopal aids you in comprehending the significance of your past life encounters. He gently guides you through processes of reflection, forgiveness, healing, and releasing negative emotions or patterns linked to those previous life events.

6. Integration and Post-session Discussion: As the regression journey concludes, you gradually return to full awareness. Engage in a thoughtful conversation with Mr. Gopal, delving into the insights you’ve acquired and addressing any inquiries or concerns. He offers guidance on integrating these newfound insights into your present life, empowering you with a fresh perspective.

What are the Advantages of
Past Life Regression Online Session?

Benefits of Online Past Life Regression Therapy

Advantages of Online Regression Healing

Discover the advantages of choosing online past life regression therapy through a Zoom Video call over traditional in-person sessions. Explore the various benefits and real-life instances that exemplify the efficacy of virtual regression healing.

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पास्ट लाइफ रिग्रेशन ऑनलाइन कितना असरदार होता है ? Past Life Regression Online, is it effective?

Online Past Life Regression Session: How effective is it- by Gopal Maheshwari: