The After Life Regression also known as “Life Between Lives”:
Journey of the Soul After Death

The After Life Regression also commonly known as Life Between Lives (LBL) is a journey that many have sought to understand.

With questions surrounding the soul’s voyage post-mortem, the field of Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy serves as a guiding light.

Ever pondered the mysteries of what transpires to the soul after death?

What is Life Between Lives Regression?

Life Between Lives Regression or Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy unveils the deeper layers of this mystery. This therapy is a profound hypnotic regression that leads you into that sacred timeframe a soul navigates in the spirit realm between its earthly incarnations.

Here, during a life between lives session, one identifies with their undying spirit, reconnecting with spirit guides, cherished ones, and other ethereal beings.

These sessions are powerful mediums to introspect soul lessons, divine purpose, and questions that have long been sought after. The spirit realm often engulfs participants in a wave of spiritual healing, unbounded love, and unity.

Life Between Lives is not merely a therapy; it’s a transformative spiritual experience.

The Process of Online Past Life Regression

Life Between Lives and
Dr. Michael Newton’s Groundbreaking Work

While reincarnation has received significant validation in recent times, between lives regression stands as an exploration of the interval separating one physical existence from another – a glimpse into THE AFTERLIFE.

Dr. Michael Newton, a luminary in this domain, meticulously defined this procedure in “Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression.” Several therapists, taking cues from Dr. Newton’s past life regression techniques, documented their clientele’s experiences during Life Between Lives hypnotherapy sessions.

The staggering similarity across these diverse accounts bolsters the authenticity of these experiences.

Core Elements of Life Between Lives Therapy

This therapeutic approach encompasses:

  • Processes following death
  • The spirit realm’s welcome to the fresh soul
  • The myriad ways spirits interact and solace the living
  • Soul hierarchy and spiritual progression post-death
  • The roles of Spirit Guides, Masters, and Angels
  • Choosing the forthcoming earthly journey
  • Spiritual rejuvenation and healing
  • Unearthing life’s divine intentions
  • Bonding with other spirits, including those dearly missed.

The Process of Online Past Life Regression

How does Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy Work?

Life Between Lives Hypnosis leverages a deep hypnotic method, honed over decades, to reestablish your connection with your eternal essence and guiding entities.

This connection awakens a profound comprehension of one’s undying identity. It’s achieved through holistic relaxation, guided meticulously by the therapist’s directives, yet shaped profoundly by the client.

In this trance, one’s consciousness shifts, accessing the subconscious and even loftier realms of cognizance

Why Opt for a Life Between Lives Session

Engaging in a life between lives hypnotherapy near me unveils your soul’s mission in the current existence and offers direct insights into your current and past journeys.

Understanding that our lives are intricate designs of fate and choices empowers individuals to embrace transformations. Recognizing ourselves as eternal spirits, we are encouraged to introduce harmonious changes into our beings. Life Between Life Hypnotherapy offers insights into life’s challenges and fortifies one’s inherent strengths.

The overarching benefits encompass a magnified spiritual viewpoint, unwavering belief in divine guidance, diminished anxieties regarding life and the impending future, and an unwavering trust in the celestial that one is eternally loved and guided.