Life Between Lives

Life between lives is a profound experience and an advancement beyond past-life regression. It is more than your body; it is a state of being between incarnations in which you exist as an immortal soul. Life-between-lives therapy explores the period after the death of one life and before the next incarnation— “The Afterlife”. You are put in a deep hypnotic trance or an altered state of consciousness in an online session over Zoom to visit past lives, After visiting different moments in that past life, you finally reach your death moment and then reach beyond a past life’s soul memories in the Higher Realms with your Spirit Guides and Masters. During this time in the spirit world, many experience spiritual healing, unconditional love, and oneness.
Life between lives therapy is becoming increasingly popular as it gives you a more transparent and more profound sense of current life’s lessons, helps you introspect into your life’s purpose, broadens your perspective on life and spirituality, gives you unbound confidence that you are guided and loved and cared for, and lets you free yourself from the inhibitions and the traumas by seeking forgiveness or forgiving others.
We visit a few past lives to get the exact reason for current life issues in a past life regression session first, and then move on to the life between lives session, according to our intention. You need clarity about the question you need answered to get the best results, and accordingly, Gopal helps you make your intention for the Past Life Regression and LBL sessions.
Gopal Maheshwari, IPHM, a UK-certified therapist, engages you wholeheartedly in the life-between-lives process with love and no judgment. In an online session, you are made to relax physically and mentally. The session generally begins with deep hypnosis to help you concentrate and detach yourself to achieve a highly expandable state of consciousness, and you begin by remembering happy memories in this life. You begin with a current life regression—Age and Womb regression—to determine if the root cause of the problem is in your current life. From here, we move on to that specific past life that holds the root cause of your current life issues, and for which the session is intended. Once you witness the past life and the last moment of that specific life-death scene, the soul enters a superconscious state, ready to go to higher realms, and it becomes “Now-time”, where you are not incarnated but you explore the afterlife, where you can meet your Inner Soul Family, your Spirit Guides, Masters, and high-level beings, also called the “Soul Council,” and have your questions answered, which, leads to realising your potential, and helping you find your current life’s purpose. During a Life-Between-Lives session, we access Akashic Records, a vibrational record library, where you may get guidance and answers to specific questions about current and future life events.
The session generally takes 3–4 hours, during which we review the highlights of the session and the session as a whole. The clients come out of the session light-hearted and exhilarated. They are shown the facts of their past journey, which helps them gain a spiritual perspective to heal, freeing them from the victim’s perspective and away from hardships to live a more fulfilled life. They gain a clear sense of their life purpose, which allows them to progress more positively in life. You may connect with us on Whatsapp at +91 92821 25121 or email us at gopal@heartnest.in.