Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic modality that induces a profound state of consciousness, assisting individuals in effectively addressing conditions like anxiety, depression, guilt, and various other issues where the underlying reasons remain elusive in this present existence. Relationship problems, health issues, financial difficulties, and more fall within its purview. The process of hypnosis is generally facilitated by a mentor who guides you through a relaxation technique, enabling exploration of the memories stored within your unconscious mind. During your hypnosis session, you will experience a pervasive sense of relaxation.
A hypnotherapy session typically lasts for a duration of two hours. During this state, your mind becomes more receptive to adopting ideas imparted by Mr. Gopal, your mentor. Hypnotherapy can aid in retrieving memories from your past, such as childhood experiences or even past lives. The events of our past lives significantly influence our current sufferings, altering the way we handle present challenges. Similarly, the karmic repercussions from our previous lives manifest as either good or bad fortune in our current existence. This is due to the emotions associated with our past life’s demise, which resurface in response to specific events in this life, determining the quality of our time and our relationships. Once we become aware of the root cause of our suffering, we can utilize available remedies to mitigate or minimize our afflictions.
Hypnosis has the power to change someone’s life. When someone finds the root cause of his/her current life problems, the solution of those problems can be achieved using past life regression, where past life’s emotions, negative impressions, curses, promises could be released during the session. Gopal Maheshwari is a well-known mentor who can change your life with help of techniques like hypnosis, past life regression therapy, Life Between Lives regression etc.
Hypnosis can help someone to resolve various kinds of problems in life. For example, in marriage disputes hypnosis can find the reason behind behavioural problems among husband and wife and also find out if it is associated with past life. It can help couples to live happy and peaceful lives. Hypnosis can find the cause of depression and fears and helps you to overcome them.
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