Frequently Asked Questions About Past Life Regression

Will I Remember My Past Life Regression Session?

Yes, you will remember everything as I guide you through the past life regression journey. Unlike stage hypnosis, you won’t forget anything. You’ll be aware and relaxed, answering my questions as I guide you. Just relax and let your thoughts flow naturally; I’ll provide guidance. Client feels very Relaxed, full of wisdom after a Past Life Regression Session, as o lot of Healing takes place at subconscious level during the session.

What Do I Need for Our Session Together?

Ensure complete privacy for 2-3 hours.

You’ll need:

  • A laptop with a stable internet connection
  • Headphones with a built-in mic
  • A recliner or bed for comfort
  • Dim Lights during the session
  • Do not drink water an hour before the session

How Can I Prepare for the Past Life Session?

Setting clear intentions (up to 3) is crucial. Honesty is key while filling the Intake form, which you should whatsapp to me after capturing pictures. This form is the basis for a successful session. Pray to your higher self or chosen higher energy before sleeping to enhance the experience and healing.

What Can I Expect During the Past Life Regression Session?

During a Past Life Regression Session, I typically guide clients through 2-3 past lives. We might focus on one or explore multiple lives based on the session’s flow. Often, clients find connections with people they share strong bonds with in their current life. We also explore afterlife moments, soul journeys, and emotional healing processes.

Can I Get a Recording of My Regression Session?

Absolutely. After your online regression session, you’ll receive a recorded video. This way, you can revisit and relive your memories whenever you wish. Keeping a record is essential, as it provides a valuable background for any future sessions.

Is Time Travel Guaranteed in Past Life Regression Session?

While not everyone goes back in time, it’s quite rare for someone not to in my experience. Rare instances may occur when individuals hold strong beliefs against past lives or critically analyze their subconscious experiences. Such skepticism can hinder the surrender to the experience. Around 95% of my clients usually encounter 2-3 past life experiences during a session. All that’s required is a curious mind and willingness to engage fully.

Can I Choose Which Past Life to Remember?

No, your subconscious guides this choice based on your intention. Memories of various past lives surface when you’re ready to receive them. Though we’ve all lived multiple past lives, your subconscious and higher self decide which ones to explore during your session.

Can You Reveal My Past-Life Identity?

Certainly not. Your subconscious is unique to you. My role is to aid relaxation and open the subconscious for your own recollection, then guide the process. I never implant thoughts or ask leading questions. Instead, I encourage you to expand upon what you’re already experiencing.

How Long Does a Past Life Regression Session Last?

An effective past life regression session usually spans 2 to 3 hours, encompassing induction, relaxation, grounding, age and womb regression, experiencing past lives, healing past life wounds, forgiveness, cord cutting, afterlife healing, and more. Additionally, note that a Pre-Session and preparatory sessions precede Mr. Gopal Maheshwari’s Past Life Regression Session.

Will the Session Include My Moment of Death?

Yes, with your consent. I can guide you to the time of your passing and immediately afterward. This process doesn’t harm or traumatize you; it offers a fresh perspective on your self and behaviors in this lifetime. I also facilitate journeys to the time between lives, but only with your permission.

Is the Process of Past Life Regression Safe?

Absolutely, the Past Life Regression sessions are conducted online from the comfort of your home, ensuring your safety throughout the process. You’ll remain fully aware of your surroundings at all times. To me, It’s a spiritual process than a therapeutic session.

How Long Does a Past Life Regression Session Last?

The regression itself typically takes around 1 hour, which includes Relaxation, Grounding, Imagery, Age & Womb Regression and Inner Child Healing, if needed, followed by a detailed session about your experience and finally a healing session. I prefer to engage with you before and after the session, so I recommend setting aside approximately 2 to 3 hours. The session’s duration depends on what unfolds, as each experience is unique.

Can My Past Life Regression Session Be Online Instead of Face-to-Face?

Yes, I Favor conducting Past Life Regression sessions online through Zoom Video Call. This approach allows us to have a face-to-face interaction over the internet, providing flexibility in session duration.

What is the Cost of Past Life Regression Session?

The fees for Past Life Regression sessions range from Rs. 4,000/- to 7,500/- ($50 to $100), depending on the specific services you opt for. These services include Pre-Session discussions, Preparatory Sessions, Inner Child Healing, Age & Womb Regression, and more. Payments can be made via bank transfer or Google Pay.

Are You Well-Trained in Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy?

Absolutely, I hold international certification as a Professional Past Life Regression Therapist. Since 2001, I have also practiced Heartfulness Meditation and since 2016, I’ve been a Heartfulness trainer. I’m accredited by IAOTH, UK, and I conduct professional therapy sessions covering various areas, including Past Life Regression, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Inner Child Healing, Womb & Age Regression, Between Lives Regression, Spiritual Healing & Cleansing. I also conduct Past Life Regression Professional certification classes every month.

What Happens in Past Life Regression Therapy? How Will I Experience My Past Life?

Many people anticipate experiencing vivid past lives during regression, akin to how they are portrayed in movies. However, this isn’t always the case, especially for those new to regression. Some clients perceive images clearly in their mind’s eye, while others receive impressions and memories in fragments. Information may arrive through physical sensations, intuitive insights, cinematic memories, or fleeting mental images. The key is to focus on the sensations and feelings they encounter, without worrying about whether it’s rational or real. Trusting whatever arises is essential for a fruitful experience.

Addressing Imagination Concerns

If you find yourself thinking that your past life memories were products of your imagination, it’s important to understand the process. As you inquire, the spiritual realm communicates through the universal mind, decoded by your subconscious. The challenge is preventing your conscious mind from diluting this information with human conditioning. We interpret this information using our imagination—yes, imagination. Some individuals have doubted their experiences, believing they fabricated them. The imagination serves as a conduit to decipher spiritual insights. Think of it like paint on a canvas, with your feelings as the connecting agent. Trusting feelings is vital, as they don’t deceive. We communicate with our timeless consciousness.

What Are the Disadvantages of Past Life Regression?

The main drawback lies in the possibility of investing in a Past Life Regression session with a therapist who lacks updated knowledge of the latest regression techniques, healing methods, and preparatory sessions.