Past life regression is a method used to recover memories of previous lives.

With the guidance of a skilled therapist like Gopal Maheshwari, certified by International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, UK, individuals are taken into a deep state of trance using hypnotherapy. We ask you certain set of questions during hypnosis to recover past memories. There are two ways to recover old memory i.e spiritual and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy.

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy can help you to bring back your old memories through Age Regression & Womb Regression. With help of spiritual past life regression therapy your therapist can recover memories beyond this life, memories which Soul carries from the spirit World. One exceptional advantage of choosing Gopal Maheshwari as your therapist is the added flavor he brings to the sessions. He incorporates a unique “Life between Lives” component, allowing you to explore the afterlife during the past life regression session. This enriches the experience, providing deeper insights into your soul’s journey.

Past life regression therapy can help you to understand causes of your current sufferings and behaviour. Our sufferings are usually associated with karma’s we have done in our past life. Hence if you understand reason of your sufferings you will be better prepared to deal with them. Past life regression therapy can be done by only experienced hypnotherapist who has great spiritual knowledge. Past life regression therapy can help someone to overcome stress and guilt of current lives. Some of the great psychologists of history understood importance of past life therapy and spirituality and practising same.

Past life regression therapy is based on belief of reincarnation. Death is death of our body but our soul is immortal. With meditation and dyaan you can explore your past lives. All you need is good mentor and willingness to explore purpose of your soul on this earth. Past life regression therapy can help you in personal growth. To undergo past life regression therapy you should have open mind and faith in god and your mentor.

In addition to therapy sessions, Gopal Maheshwari also provides past life regression course in Delhi. These courses are ideal for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of past life regression or considering it as a career option.

Gopal Maheshwari’s is one of the best past life regression therapist in Delhi. He is based on hydrabad and offers his services online through Zoom calls, ensuring accessibility to individuals in Delhi.. Past life regression therapy cost or charges in delhi are usually higher comparing to heartnest online past life regression therapy. Gopal Maheshwari also offers past life regression course in delhi to inviduals seeking deep exploration of concept of past life regression or those who want to take it as career option. To enquire about services of Gopal Mashwari you can call him at  +91-9282125121